Wacky Wizards Roblox- KSI Ingredient Secret Hidden Location

Wacky WizardsAt Wacky Wizards new update, there is bound to have a new hidden ingredient as the new updated Potion Book would have an entry left. The area of the map is small but all hold a secret passage or path to be revealed in order to collect the ingredients. Similarly, the KSI ingredient is located on the map which will be brewed into a potion to make a KSI army.

KSI Ingredient Secret Hidden Location In Wacky Wizards Roblox

Wacky WizardsThe KSI ingredient can be found behind the mouth of the volcano. There a tombstone would be present as shown in the image “KSI 2021-2021”. Pick up the ingredient and teleport back to where your Cauldron is. You can’t keep it on your table but can be put in your Cauldron in order to brew a KSI potion. The Potion book has KSI potion registered in Serial No. 156.

In the midst of the madness, fooling off with the fellow wizards, witches, and the KSI’s is an ultimate satisfaction. You can revert yourself back to normal by resetting your player and brew potions unconditionally while searching for other ingredients if you have not acquired it all. Even brewing a registered new potion is tough if you don’t know or own the specific ingredients. To help in that aspect, we have and are compiling new guides and posts for Wacky Wizards. Currently, these are posts that have been published and might be of your interest.

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