Psychonauts 2 All Queepie Locations Walkthrough On How To Reach

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Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. First of all search for Queepie is an optional quest that you will receive from your mother in the campsite of the questionable area. To access the questionable area you need to reach a certain point of the game where you need to repair ford’s shattered mind.

Once you get this quest go to the center of the atrium and interact with the thinker bot in the middle to go out of the spaceship into the Quarry. There open the map and locate the number 1 and you will reach the questionable area. There head over to the campsite and talk to your mother and she will ask you to search for Queepie. Each time you locate your brother he will wander off to a different location. Below you will find the images of each of the locations with a walkthrough on how to reach him.

Note: The easiest way to locate Queepie is by listening to the song that he is playing on the radio. If while roaming in the Questionable area you hear that song it means your brother is nearby. The sound keeps on increasing as you reach near him.

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations

1st Location

Psychonauts 2The first location will be beside the house where a giant wheel is rotating in water. Check out the left top corner of the above image to find the exact location.

2nd Location

Psychonauts 2

The second location will be on a high platform that you can reach by going into the Sassclops cave. Go inside the cave shown in the above image to the top to find the second location. This cave will be beside your camp and the river. Else you can open your map and check out the “C” point marked on it.

3rd Location

To find the third location you need to come out of your campsite and reach the area shown in the above image. There on the left side of the tree, you can see vines on the trunk. You need to climb on these vines to the top to reach the third location of Queepie.

4th Location

First, you need to climb the bathroom roof and use the ladder to climb the tree. After that climb the pole and use the jumping bush to reach the 4th location of Queepie.

5th Location

The 5th location of your brother will be on the rooftop of the diner. You can use the car front hood to bounce up the rooftop or you could use the below method to obtain the Psi-core. In the above image, you can see big blue poles with circular discs that you need to climb.

Queepie Location WalkthroughOnce you reach the top there you will find an aiming board that you need to shoot with your ability. Once you hit the board your brother’s tent will be and you will unlock a new skill. After that head over to the big statue in front of the diner and hit the aiming board that is located at its back and it will turn which will unlock the pathway to the rooftop.

Queepie Location Walkthrough

After that, you need to climb your brother’s tent using the jumping bush by climbing up the tree using the vine. Once you reach the top of your brother’s tent, use the double jump and float a bit then use the new dash ability that you have learned from your brother and you will reach the platform connecting to the diner rooftop.

6th Location

The final location of your brother will be above a platform that is located on top of your camp. To reach that platform you need to light up the fire camp located near your family tent and you will get an upward wind through which you can float your up. Once you reach the top by floating change your camera angle to the house with a big wheel and you will find the platform to reach the final location of your brother.

Note: Upon completing this optional quest you will unlock an achievement called “Dance, Baby, Dance”.

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