Aliens Fireteam Elite- Recon Class Is This The New OP Class?

Aliens Fireteam EliteAliens Fireteam Elite is a third-person shooter, PvE mode game where hundreds and thousands of bugs/aliens swarm you and your team while completing the missions. Initially, there was only 4 class at the beginning of the game but once you complete the main campaign, the hidden class “Recon” will be unlocked. Is this class broken or overhyped?

Recon Class Is This The New OP Class At Aliens Fireteam Elite

Recon Class is one of the best classes that simply provide recon or enemy visibility as well as hit them as trucks. The Recon class has one of the two best ability i.e.

  • Pups: The drone reveals nearby enemies to your entire team and lowers their damage by 20% for a short duration.
  • Support Drone: Deploy a drone that cannot move which replenishes nearby allies ammo and increases their Accuracy & Stability by 20% with a small amount of HP regen whenever the target is killed.

Customizing the Core Perk set up along with the choice of weapon suited that increases the efficiency of your playstyle. Though you may find other classes useful at a lower difficulty while playing harder difficulty, the vision and the number of aliens swarm at your location is huge. Constant team buff and vision are what make it more lethal.

It is an OP class that simply turns the tide when equipped by any one of your party members. So, make sure that you all complete the Main Campaign story as soon as possible to challenge the harder difficulties in Aliens Fireteam Elite.

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