Psychonauts 2 How To Get 3 Gazillion Dollar & Get Into High Roller Room

psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a story-driven psychological adventure game developed by Double Fine. This is the sequel of the game Psychonauts that has been released way back on the year 2005. During your mission, you will come across some puzzles to enter the Highroller room where you need to fix Hollis thoughts.

To enter the high roller room you need three gazillion-dollar that can be obtained by completing three puzzles. These three puzzles can be found in different rooms of the vault. You need to find the doors with green outlines, in these rooms you need to solve the puzzle to get money to go inside the high roller room. These three rooms are:

  • Maternity
  • Pharmacy
  • Cardiology

Psychonauts 2 Hollis Quite Room Puzzle Guide

Maternity Get A Baby

To complete the puzzle in the maternity room, you need to first talk with NPC who have a cloud thought above their head. They wanted to win the game that has been rigged to get a baby. Once they get a baby they will give you one gazillion-dollar.

To get them their baby you need to rig the game first. Once you interact with them, the thoughts will appear above them that you need to connect and get inside the game to rig it. Once you are inside the game keep going forward by overcoming some obstacles and in the end you need to connect the effective thought with defiance.

Pharmacy Pinball Puzzle Solution

psychonauts 2 pinball challenge

After entering the pharmacy climb the high ground platform on either left or right side. On both the side you will meet NPC with whom you need to interact to bring out their thoughts that you need to collect to enter the game dimension. There will be a total of 3 NPC that you need to interact with to bring out all the thought ideas.

Once you have all the ideas listen to Raz’s mind and connect the thoughts according to that. If you connect two wrong thoughts Raz will tell that “Whoops! Now I’m just reinforcing their old, bad thought patterns. Upon successfully connecting all the thoughts you will enter the game and go over all the obstacles to reach the end to connect share though with feelings.

After that, you will be out of the game dimension and the heart will change its place in the pinball game. Now talk with the syringe doctor to play the mini ball game and put the ball in the hole to get a gazillion dollars.

Cardiology Win With Heart

Once you enter the cardiology room you need to talk with Nurse Barr who is a receptionist to start a bet. To win a gazillion dollars in the bet you need to place it on the heart. But once you select the heart he will lose the race.

After that head over to the door in front of you where you will find all the contestants and talk with the heart to take his place in the race but he will be afraid to do it. You need to change his thought by going inside the game dimension where at the end of the obstacle course you need to connect the winning thought with help.

Then go and interact with Nurse Barr again to start a bet and place the bet on the heart. This time you will take the heart place to complete the race. You need to complete the race first to earn a gazillion dollars.

Note: Once you have solved all the puzzles and collected 3 gazillion-dollar you will be able to enter the high roller room and there you will face your first main boss of Psychonauts 2.

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