HumanKind Struck On Turn Pending Guide How To Skip Troops Turn


Humankind is a turn-based strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios. As this is a strategy game the movement of the players depends on its troop’s movement. Once you are out of all moves you need to end your turn. At the beginning of the game you need to do a lot of exploration to capture new territory but as you progress further in the game, you don’t have to move troops all the time, you can skip their turn or station them at a particular location.

Humankind How To Skip Turn?

If you have got a turn pending and you don’t want to move any of your troops you can’t end your turn. You will get a message like 1 Idle army or you will be redirected to your troops who have their turn pending. Once you are redirected to the group of troops that have their turn pending, you can check all the details of those troops at the right side menu of the screen.

There you will also find an option to skip turn as you can see from the above post. If you don’t want to press on the skipping movement after every turn, you can click on the station icon below the skip icon that will let your troops stand on that tile or area indefinitely till you gave them another command.

The option to station your troops has a really small icon once you select the troops so some players might miss it or overlook it as there are various things to take care of in this game. You can station your troops at the border of your territory or in the city which has the maximum chance to get attacked by other cultures. So that you can easily defend your city while you are in the war.

Once you have stationed your troops you don’t need to look for them every time on the map and figuring out all troops’ locations. You can simply click on the All military forces icon at the top right corner of the screen. There you can get the details of all the troops that are currently available to defend your territory.

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