Humankind Increase City Cap, Maximum Limit & How To Do It?


Humankind is a turn-based strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios. The goal of this game is to mark an impact on your journey of civilization from the Neolithic Age to the Contemporary Age. Throughout this journey, you need to explore the various areas, conquer different cities and build wonders.

While doing so you need to control various different cities to expand your territory and mark your presence in history. But while you start the game there will be a limit to the number of cities you can own. As your civilization transcends or moves to a different age you will be able to acquire more cities. Below you can find one of the easiest ways to check how to increase your city cap.

Humankind How To Increase City Cap?

The easiest way to increase your city cap is by acquiring stars and upgrading your civilization age.  You can also increase your city cap by choosing the “Small Council” in the leadership civics. Through civics, you can get up to a +2 increase in city cap.

Researching technology is the most efficient way to increase your city cap. You can check your technology screen by visiting the tube icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. There, from the list of technology, you need to look out for technology with a person icon from the above waist with two diagonal lines on its shirt.

All the technology with this icon will provide you +1 city cap. Again to research these technologies you need to upgrade your civilization age. One some age two of the technology might give increase city cap and in some age only one.

You can also cross your maximum city capacity but that will have some negative impact on your influence. But if you generate enough influence, crossing the capacity by 1 or 2 extra cities won’t matter that much on your influence while you can cover more territory.

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