Humankind Downgrade City How To Turn An City Into Outpost


Humankind is a turn-based strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios. In most of the strategic game there is a limit to number of cities that you can own or govern. If you cross the threshold you start to lose the balance and its difficult to manage resources for all the people. In Humankind also there is a limit that keeps on increasing  when you start to upgrade your civilization but if you cross the limit you can downgrade your city. Below you will find how to downgrade a city and why you should do it?

Humankind How To Downgrade City?

To downgrade a city to an outpost you just need to click on the absorb icon that appear beside your city name. To downgrade a city you need to spend quite a lot of influnce depending on the the number of cities you own.

To downgrade a city first of all you need to reach the medieval age by collecting stars and upgrading your civilization. Once you reach the medieval age, go to the research technology menu and research the tech called “Military Architechture“. Once this tech research is complete you will be able to absord a current city with another one.

Human Kind Why Should You Downgrade City?

Having a lot of cities affect the amount of influence you generate in the game. If you influence goes zero people starts to believe you won’t be able to govern properly and starts rebeling. Influence is one of the key resources in this game that determines the ideology of the your people and its culture.

There is capacity to the number of cities you can own in every age. If you cross that threshold you start to lose influence. There are various ways to increase influence like building districts that has a purple star mark on them or organizing public ceremonies that increase influence.

Sometimes when you reach the capacity of maximum cities and you win a war, then you capture some enemy territory thus crossing your maximum city limit and losing influence. You can these use this absord feature to downgrade your city to a outpost.

How To Attach A Outpost To The City

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