Humankind Attach Outpost How To Connect Them To A City


Humankind is a turn-based strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios. The story of the game is that humanity has evolved so much from its past and is finally able to use tools and communicate with each other.

They are now in the Neolithic area and it is your job to oversee how they will progress to the contemporary era. During this period you have to make various kinds of decisions that will shape the evolution of humankind for you and mark your achievements and fame in the history

Humankind What Are Outpost?

Outposts are the first settlement that you create at the beginning of the game. Using outpost you will be able to gather various resources that will help you progress in the game. There is no limit on how many outposts can be created in this game.

Outposts can also be turned into cities but make sure to check the location of your outpost before turning them into the city. As you will not be able to change their location once the city is built. Outposts can be moved from one place to another using influence.

Outposts can also be used to connect two cities or to expand your territory. Once you create an outpost or a city no other player will be able to build or gather resources from your territory. To collect resources they have to start a trade with you.

Humankind How To Attach Outpost?

Once you turned an outpost into a city you can the city territory in blue lines. You can form an outpost outside the city and once it is formed you will be able to see a chain icon beside the outpost. Upon clicking on the icon you can see the list of cities nearby that can be attached to it. Attaching a city to an outpost turn the outpost into an administrative Center, which functions as a small main plaza and grants you different types of bonuses that you can choose in the game.

Attaching an outpost to the city requires some amount of influence that depends on the distance between the city and the outpost. It also decreases the stability by -20 of the main city that the outpost is attaching to. So before attaching it to the city make sure you have enough stability or the people might rebel start a rebel against you.

How To Downgrade A City In Humankind?

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