Naraka Bladepoint All Glyphs List In Talent & Best Glyphs

naraka bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by 24 Entertainment. Glyphs are the orbs that provide your character with bonus stats and various benefits. These benefits include discounts while buying or getting rarer drops. Glyphs are divided into four parts which are:

  • Origin
  • Lunar
  • Solar
  • Omni

Naraka Bladepoint Glyphs List

These four glyphs each have 5 different types that you can use to gain an advantage in the battle. Each of these sub-glyphs has a 6x quantity that you can use. You can unlock the slots to use these sub-glyphs by leveling up your profile.

You can also upgrade these Sub-Glyphs by using the in-game currency called Tae. You need to individually upgrade all the glyphs to use them and increase your bonus stats. The list of Sub-Glyphs is:

  • Spirit – Recovers energy at a greater speed and can dodge more often in combat. (Engery/s +0.50%)
  • Wealth – Gain dark tide over time that can be spent at a rift dealer. (Dark Tide Coins/10s +2)
  • Energetic – Gain dark tide coin over time and increase your luck for a better drop rate. (Dark Tide Coins/10s +1 and Luck +20)
  • Savagery – Recover rage at a great speed. (Rage/s +1.33%)
  • Tenacity – Increase Cairn duration so that you be rescued early. (Cairn Energy Loss -1.00%)
  • Agility – The amount of energy required to dodge will be less. (Dodge Energy Cost -0.40% and Dagger Dash Energy Cost -0.40%)
  • Tether – Increase grappling hook speed. (Grappling Speed +1.67%)
  • Intuition – Increase the time enemy health bar is visible after they take damage. (Enemy HP Bar Time +3.00%)
  • Enrage – Increase the amount of rage generated while dealing damage to enemies. (Rage/DMG +1.50%)
  • Resolve – Increase the amount of rage generated while taking damage. (Rage/ DMG Taken +1.50%)
  • Flight – Increase grappling hook distance. (Grappling Distance +1.00%)
  • Miracle – Increase drop rate of rare items. (Luck +40)
  • Merchant – Increase drop rate of rare items and get discount while buying at rift dealer. (Luck +20 and Rift Dealer Discount +0.40%)
  • Light – Reduce the damage taken from the shadow corruption when you are outside the circle. (Shadow Corruption Resistance +0.50%)
  • Genius – Increase cooldown recovery rate of skills. (Skill Cooldown +0.60%)
  • Mind – Increase your energy capacity so that you can dodge more quickly. (Energy Cap +1.00%)
  • Persuation – Get a discount while buying items from the rift dealer. (Rift Dealer Discount +0.80%)
  • Peddler – Gain dark tide coin over time and get a discount from the rift dealer. (Rift Dealer Discount +0.40%)
  • Rampage – Increased rage at the starting of the game. (Initial Rage +1.33%)
  • Warmth – Increase the rate of speed at which you revive your teammate. (Rescue Speed +1.50%)

Note: All the glyphs stats are of level 1 that has been shown above and can be increased by upgrading your glyphs.

Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs & How To Upgrade Them

The game can be termed PTW(Play To Win) as you get extra bonus stats when you level up these glyphs. To level up these glyphs you need to keep playing the game and increase your profile level. The best glyphs are not any single glyphs but the combination of all four that you use in the game.

If you are playing a character that has a great ultimate such as Tianhai(Vajra). You can use Savagery(Origin), you should choose Enrage or Resolve (Lunar), Genius (Solar), and Rampage (Omni).

If you are playing to get better souljades and weapons you need to use Wealth or Energetic (Origin), Agility (Lunar), Miracle or Merchant (Solar), and Persuation or Peddler (Omni).

If you are more focused on combat and grappling hook stats you can choose Spirit (Origin), Agility or Tether (Lunar), Flight or Genius (Solar), and Mind (Omni).

Note: Both solo and trio should have different sets of glyphs as there are some glyphs that are only good if you are playing in a party and are a complete waste if you playing solo.

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