Spare Charles Or Kill Him All Outcomes AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris

AC Valhalla is an action role-playing game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft San Francisco. The Siege of Paris is the latest DLC that has been added and at the end of the DLC, you get to choose the outcome. There will be two outcomes for you to decide the future of France.

The story of the DLC is that you have to defend your Viking’s settlement against the mad king Charles The Fat. At the end of the DLC, you will decide whether to kill King Charles or Spare his life. Below you will find all the outcomes of the different choices you make in the game.

AC Valhalla Spare King Charles Or Kill Him

While you reach the end of the game you can listen to one of the two characters, Richardis or Count Odo. Richardis will want you to spare King Charles’s life while Count Odo wants the mad king tyrant to end. To kill King Charles you need to use fire arrows or push him on the burning fire pyres once his stamina is finished.

If you kill King Charles, Richardis will be unhappy while Count Odo will take the throne and become the King.

To spare king Charles’s life you need to interact with the lever to open the iron door. Then deal some damage to him by shooting a fire arrow or pushing him onto the fire. Once his health is low, deplete his stamina by dodging and blocking his attacks. Once his stamina is over push him behind the iron door and interacts with the lever to lock the door and spare King Charles’s life.

If you spare King Charles life he will accept the treaty only if you had returned Bernard to King Charles. If you had not returned Bernard he will tell you there could have been a treaty only if you have returned him his son. Count Odo won’t be happy with this outcome.

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