Naraka Bladepoint Console Release Date Will It Release On Xbox, & PS5

naraka bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by 24 Entertainment. The game was recently out of beta and got a full release on the PC on August 12. Only the PC version of the game is out and the game will be coming to the console soon. The studio has a small team that overlooks every aspect of the game including the porting to various consoles.

Naraka Bladepoint PS5 Release Date

Currently, there is no tentative date for the release of the game on PS5 but it is sure that the game will launch by the year-end. We will soon update with a release date once we get the confirmation from 24 Entertainment.

On one of the tweets by the official account of the game, it was been tweeted that IGN got to try the PS5 version of the game and it will be releasing soon. You can check out the tweet below and the video of the gameplay by visiting the link.

Naraka Bladepoint Xbox/ Switch/ Mobile Release Date

Although we got a sneak peek from IGN video that the studio is planning to release the game first on the PS5 but currently we have no information about the game releasing on Xbox, Switch, or mobile.

The studio was looking to release the game on PC first and then look over the porting to the different consoles. They are in talks with Sony and Microsoft to bring the game to console but don’t have a big team to handle porting to different consoles at once. So currently they are more focused on bringing the game to PS5 and we might see an Xbox release date next year. Once the game has been released on all the consoles the company might plan to launch the game on mobile.

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