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naraka bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by 24 Entertainment. The game has various different styles of fighting and dodging using different weapons and souljades. You can collect up to 4 souljades at the starting of a match and you need to unlock more 2 spaces by collecting souljade bags. There is a total of 61 types of souljades that you can get in-game that can change the course of battle. You can also collect souljades from the enemy bag by defeating them.

Naraka Bladepoint Best Souljade

The best souljade in Naraka Bladepoint is the legendary one (Golden Color) that you shouldn’t miss in the game. When you get a rare souljade (Purple Color) make sure to check its description for which weapon it is suited to.

Each weapon has its specific legendary souljade and you need to switch your weapon according to the souljade you get. You can buy them from a Rift dealer using the Dark Tide coins.

The best souljade if you are playing solo will be the soft step that makes you completely silent. Each player has their own unique playstyle using different types of weapons, so check out the list of all the souljades available in the game and plan out your battle.

Note: You should always switch your weapons and playstyle according to the best souljades you collect in-game.

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Naraka Bladepoint Souljades List

All Melee Weapons

Atmos Barrier – Increase the area of blocking projectiles during the vertical slash (both while crouching or sliding) and while doing so you will recover some health.


Phoenix Blast (Legendary) – Charged attacks unleash two slashes and can hit enemies who are down on the ground.

Blue Moon – The third strike in the light attack combo unleashes a slash.

Whirlwind – When hitting an enemy with crouching uppercut slash will also unleash the sword energy.

Longsword Sap – After countering the enemy, hitting them with a combo restore 75% of the damage as health.


Soul slash (Legendary) – Alters your charge attack with a two-stage combo.

Stamina Strike – The third strike of the combo restore 30% of the damage dealt as health.

Composure – Recovers some health on using your charge attack.

Katana Sap – After countering the enemy, hitting them with a combo restores 75% of the damage as health.

Great Sword

Earthshaker (Legendary) – Alters your heavy charged attack with lighting tornado and can be pressed multiple times for more attacks.

Overload – Charge attack directly reaches the third stage with just charging once.

Infernal Slash – The second charge of horizontal attack unleashes a fire tornado attack.

Shockwave – The second strike of the charged vertical strike will unleash shockwaves.

Aerial Rend – Charged vertical strike unleash shockwaves.

Greatsword Sap – After countering the enemy, hitting them with a combo restores 75% of the damage as health.


Razor Swift (legendary) – Alter charge light attack. (only activates when you release the attack button just when you are about to do the second charge).

Erudition – Alters your charge heavy attack.

Scale Rush – Launching a charged scale rush with a spear unlocks a new move when you hit the ground. (To do a launching charge shot, you need to do a charge attack while hanging in any tree or wall).

Spear Storm – Alters third vertical strike in a spear combo.

Dual Ring – Alters third horizontal strike in a spear combo.


Abyssal Aura – Alters your dagger-charged vertical strikes with 4 strike combo.

All Ranged Weapons

Burst Arrow (Legendary) – When you second charge your bow it will explode on impact but deals less damage.

Target Lock – When you hit an enemy with an arrow they will be unable to sprint or dodge for 2 seconds.

Scattershot – Deals less damage but fires 3 arrows with each shot.

Fire Arrows – With the second charge of the bow the ground will be set on fire dealing damage to enemies standing on it.

Repeating Crossbow

Healing Bolts (Legendary) – Heals teammates by shooting arrows on them.

Volley – Fire burst up to 4 bolts but deals slightly less damage.

Sharpshot – Reduce the recoil rate and spread.

Venom Tip – Deals less damage but inflicts poison stats that deals damage over time.


Meteor (Legendary) – The shots will go straight and faster.

Rupture Gale Orb – Increase the radius of the explosion.

Twinshot – Fires two projectile but deals less damage.

Bounce Shell – Shots bounce two times and explode to deal increase damage.

Flamebreath – Burns enemies when you hit them and they take damage over time.


Detonating Rounds – Deals less damage but the bullets lodge inside enemy flesh that explodes after 2 seconds. Using dodge while getting hit will remove the bullets from the flesh.

Thundercall – Increase explosion range and damage.

Quick Charge – Reduces charged pistol shots damage, but allows you to load up to two shots at a time.

Cluster Shell – Charged shots will go at a higher speed and wider range but with reduced speed.


Armor Pierce (Legendary) – Ignore target armor and directly reduce enemy health upon impact.

Sunwing Shot – Bullet velocity greatly increases.

Slowshot – Scoped shots damage and interval increases.

Items Soulajde

Repair Roll (Legendary) – Replace your repair animation with a dodge roll that doesn’t consume energy.

Swift Heal – Use Vitalia and Armor Powder faster.

Craftmanship – Increase weapon max durability and speed of repair.

Advance Heal – Vitalia and Armor Powder have an effect for 5 seconds, providing more health and armor.

Group Heal – Vitalia and Armor Powder will also heal will your nearby teammates but their effect on your teammate will be slightly reduced.

Weaponry Chest Boon – 50% chance weaponry chest won’t deplete after use.

Grappling Spool Boon – 50% chance grappling spools won’t deplete after use.

Soothing Boon – 50% chance Vitalia and Armor Powder won’t deplete after use.

Miser – Chance to generate Dark Tide coins upon dealing damage to enemies.


Focus Slide –  You can now knock enemies down with a slide.

Wave Roll – Increase distance of secondary dodge and doesn’t cost any energy.

Gecko Foot – Increase the speed and distance covered while climbing walls or rocks.

Soft Step – Makes you a true assassin by silencing your footsteps.

Phantom Step – Primary dodge will provide your stealth for a second.

Buff Souljade

Desperation (Legendary) – Gives you an attack boost when health is below 50%.

Skyforce (Legendary) – Restores your armor fully upon killing an enemy.

Tu Na – On using the rest emote recovers your health and if you finish the emote your armor will recover continuously for 120 seconds.

Health, Attack, Melee Resist, and Range Resist have their different tiers of souljades each providing different stats to your character. The orange color is the highest tier souljade providing you with more stats and resistance.

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