Bless Unleashed- How To Unlock Mark Of The Wolf Blessing

Bless UnleashedIn Bless Unleashed there are multiple combat Blessings that can be unlocked and activated. Similarly, the Mark Of The Wolf is one of the Combat Blessing which can be unlocked if you have gathered all three memory fragments. To collect the fragments, you will have to perform three tasks which we will cover in this guide.

How To Unlock Mark Of The Wolf Blessing In Bless Unleashed

To unlock Mark of the Wolf Blessing, you will need to complete the main quest where Professor Orfina will send you to collect 3 pieces of memory fragments in order to learn new skills and abilities.

The first fragment is awarded to you by Count Mazzini who will be present in the same location where Professor Orfina is found. He will give you the memory fragment and ask you to find others in order to complete the blessing and unlock its power.

The second fragment is awarded after defeating the corrupted treant whereas the third and final memory fragment is awarded by defeating the bandit Camus and Po.

You must keep on checking your Inventory slots as Memory Fragments need to be kept in your Inventory in order to show the next location of the Memory Fragments. If the Inventory slot is filled, the Memory Fragment will be transferred into the Mail.

Once all the three Memory Fragments: Mark Of The Wolf will be obtained, you can move to the Altar of Physera and unlock the blessing. Once the blessing is unlocked, you will be able to obtain the benefits and perks of the blessing. For more guides on Bless Unleashed, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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