Bless Unleashed- How To Change The Blessing Or Swap Them

Bless Unleashed

In Bless Unleashed, there are multiple blessings that include Combat and Livelihood blessings. However, in beginning, they will be locked. To unlock them, you will require specific memory fragments. However, even if you unlock multiple blessings, only one blessing can be activated. Likely, to choose your favorite blessing you must need to change them at a specific location.

How To Change The Blessing Or Swap In Bless Unleashed

To change the blessing you will need to first unlock them at the Altar of Physera. At the Altar of Physera, you can even swap or change the blessings. Blessings can also be changed by interacting with the Soul Pyre where you can heal, cook or feed others. At Soul Pyre you can even dismantle the weapons or gears that are not useful.

Once the blessing is changed, you can obtain the passives and enjoy the adventure. Make sure that the memory fragment obtained is placed in the Inventory or else the second/third location will not be revealed and kept hidden. The memory fragment will be transferred in the mail automatically if there is no space in your Inventory. Claim it after sorting out your Inventory to gather the memory fragments in order to unlock it first.

Resources are required in order to craft and increase your crafting, forging levels for more success rate. Check out the farming trick along with other guides on Bless Unleashed, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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