Naraka Bladepoint bots, yoto hime abilities, unlock talent skill & ultimate

naraka bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by 24 Entertainment. 60 players can play together in one match and only the last man standing will be victorious. To remain the last man standing you need to fight your way around collecting various items and resources that will help you.

The weapons and resources all have different tiers and the player with better tier weapons can deal more damage to enemies. You also need to collect Souljades that will enhance the weapon’s powers.

Naraka Bladepoint Have Bots?

There has been a talk among players that they are facing bots in this game. One of the reviews suggested that players will only get bots till the refund time is over showing that they are a lot better in this game. The game seems to be easy but can be hard to master.

The game purposefully lets you play with the bots at the starting few matches to make you understand the basics of the game. If you can push rank by 100 till 1100 you won’t be facing many bots. Just by winning 2-3 matches, you can easily push your rank and face real players online who won’t go easy on you as bots do.

The final conclusion is yes the game does have bots if you are just starting the rank match but once you climb up the rank score you won’t be facing any more bots and you will find this game more interesting and difficult.

Naraka Bladepoint How To Unlock Yoto Hime Skill & Ultimate

Yoto Hime is the latest new character that the game has teased during the beta period. You can unlock this character for free if you have pre-ordered the game. Else you have to unlock it using the in-game currency.

Yoto Hime skills are:

  • Spirit Slash – Stays in the air for 3.5 seconds, can be reset after getting a kill. Pressing F when the blade is in the air teleport Yoto Hime to the blade and launching a slash.
  • Spirit Slash: Crush – Stays in the air for 5 seconds, does not reset after getting a kill. Press F to call back the blade and launch a slash. Can be used when you are under attack.
  • Spirit Slash: Vortex – Upon reaching the farthest point stays in the air for 5 seconds. If while reaching the farthest point it hits an enemy, it starts moving slowly. It also blocks melee attacks.

Her Ultimate is:

  • Ominous Blade – Summons a gigantic blade and hits the enemy three times. The ominous blade absorbs nearby cairns and increasing its damage after each strike.
  • Ominous Blade: Restore – Summons a gigantic blade and hits the enemy three times. The ominous blade absorbs nearby cairns, recover Yoto Hime’s health and armor.
  • Ominous Blade: Combo – Summons a gigantic blade and hits the enemy three times. After three strikes it again launches 3 slashes at the enemies.

These skills can be obtained by playing Yoto Hime and increasing the character level. On your hero page on the top right side of the screen, you can see the cultivation icon. There you can check the quest for each hero and by completing these quests you can unlock extra skills and ultimate.

Naraka Bladepoint Console Release Date

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