Chernobylite- Tarakan Trap And Old Documents Choices Result

ChernobyliteAt Chernobylite, the main mission “Old Documents” is assigned to you at Kopachi. There you will have to make a choice after hacking and disabling the trap where the old document was placed. The trap was placed by the so-called lunatic Tarakan. In this post, we will guide you through all the consequences that you might face for selecting any of the two choices.

Tarakan Trap And Old Documents Choices Result At Chernobylite

Once you are inside the museum and get the old document with a KGB stamp on it after hacking the security system. You will be able to open the safe without any casualties. After hacking and disabling the trap, the pre-recorded video of Tarakan will play. Once you have obtained the clue or document these will be the choices:

  • Rearm the traps

Before the choice, Olivier had rejected the option of rearming the trap. Once you select this option, the relationship status will increase with Tarakan. NAR activity will be lowered.

  • Leave it

Olivier had insisted that there is no guarantee that civilians might not walk into the traps even if it is aimed at NAR soldiers. Selecting this option will increase the relationship status with Olivier.

Rearming or Leaving the trap will not affect any future adventure so, there’s no issue selecting any of these except affecting your social relationship status. For more guides on Chernobylite, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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