Chernobylite- Traitor And Thief Of NAR Konstanty Choices

ChernobyliteIn Chernobylite, there is a mission “Traitor” where you will need to find the NAR’s traitor and thief which Olivier managed to intercept on the radio. To search for the traitor and perhaps gain valuable info and gear. As NAR soldiers are also searching for the mysterious traitor, we should expect heavy patrols in the area.

Traitor And Thief Of NAR Konstanty Choices At Chernobylite

Konstanty should be found where the area of interest would be marked. Once you confront him, he will explain that he used to trade illegally with some grunts and they sold him out. To repay the favor he stole few items and now he is being framed to shut down all the side hustling i.e. practiced behind their back.

There you will be provided a choice to make where his future lies at your decision. The decision will affect the relationship status with other companions and so here is the result of the choices which you can later determine what to choose.

  • Let him go.

Relation status with Olivier will be decreased.

  • Try to search him.

Searching him will trigger additional choices i.e. “Stop him”, and “Kill him”. Killing him ultimately will hinder the quests that include Konstanty. However, killing might be the best option because there will be other choices that might anger your companion.

The quest will end however the decision will haunt you later. For more guides on Chernobylite, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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