Chernobylite- How To Craft Lockpick And Open Doors

ChernobyliteAt Chernobylite, you will have to build a base and find other companions. Since Day 1, you will have to go out on a mission to either retrieve medical supplies, foods, ammunition or to rest for a day. However, when you accept the mission and enter the field, there are many areas of interest. You will notice that there are doors locked and can only be opened by using lockpicks. Crafting lockpick is tricky as you need to build a specific crafting station.

How To Craft Lockpick And Open Doors At Chernobylite

To craft the lockpick, you will need to first build a crafting station i.e. open Base Upgrades. Under Buildables > Base Upgrade > Building Tools. Select Laser Cutting Machine. To build Laser Cutting Machine, you will need these required materials:

  • Mechanical Parts- 12.00
  • Electronic Parts- 10.00
  • Flammable Parts- 8.00

Once the Laser Cutting Machine is built, you will be able to build the Industrial structures i.e. where we will be needing that crafting tool to make in order to produce the Lockpick. Under Buildables > Igor’s Inventory > Crafting Tools. Select Industrial Grinder. To build Industrial Grinder, you will need these required materials:

  • Mechanical Parts- 4.00
  • Electronic Parts- 8.00
  • Flammable Parts- 4.00

To craft Lockpick, now the necessary resources required will be:

  • Mechanical Parts- 2.00
  • Chemicals- 1.00

Tool Lockpick is necessary as we would have come across few doors that block the passage where there might be potential loots. So, therefore producing a bunch of them before the expedition is recommended.

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