Chernobylite- Destroy Duga Radar Or PDA Upgrade Choice Result

ChernobyliteAt Chernobylite, the very first main mission is “A memento from the past”. In this mission, there is a guy you will meet named “Sashko”. He will give you Duga Radar and PDA which can be used to improve the functionality of every scanner in the network. Here, you will need to make a choice whether to Destroy Duga Radar or Go with the PDA upgrade. In this guide, we have mentioned the result of your choices.

Destroy Duga Radar Or PDA Upgrade Choice Result At Chernobylite

To complete the quest “A memento from the past”, there will be two important choices and few clues about Tatyana. Once you meet Sashko, he will explain his mission and let you choose whether to “Destroy Duga Radar” or “go with the PDA upgrade”.

  • Destroy Duga Radar (let’s humor the “crazy loco”. Besides Tatyana would surely be glad to see it go.)

If you choose this, then the Duga Radar will be all blown up into pieces and the quest will be completed.

  • Go with the PDA upgrade (Destroying resources seem reckless. Everything I can use to find Tatyana is worth keeping.)

If you choose to go with the PDA upgrade and activate the mind control code, then your Scanner will be upgraded that will increase its scan radius. There are even further consequences for choosing this choice that will increase the relation with Mikhail and decrease the relation with Tarakan.

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