Back 4 Blood All Characters, Skills & Best Weapon For Them Explained

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Turtle Rock Studios. The game is very much similar to left for dead 2 with better graphics and features. You can select one of the eight characters at the starting of a stage and each character their unique perks and stats. Utilize these perks and stats best to the weapon that will suit them to defend themselves from the hoard of zombies.

Back 4 Blood Characters

There is a total of 8 characters who are called cleaners in-game out of which 5 are currently available in beta. The list of characters available and their abilities are:

Evangelo – Can break out of grabs of ridden once every 60 seconds. This ability is useful to go and do some object solo or if you need to go back and save your teammate. He has +75% breakout speed and +25% stamina regen. His team buffs add 5% to team movement speed. Good with the rifle and melee weapons.

Walker – Precision kills grant this character +20% accuracy for 5 seconds. He has +10% damage to all riddens. His team buff is to increase teammates health by +10. Good with a sniper rifle.

Holly – she recovers 10 stamina each time she kills a ridden. Making her the best character that you can use with a melee weapon and team frontline. she also has +10% damage resistance and adds +25 to team stamina.

Mom – As you can guess by the name she is the support character who looks after all your teammates. She can instantly revive a teammate once per level and has 1 extra inventory to carry support items like bandages or meds. Her team buff adds +1 life for everyone on the team.

Hoffman – Chance to gain ammo after you kill a ridden. He can carry +1 offensive items and increases team ammo capacity by +10%. Good with machine guns.

The other 3 cleaners will be unlocked once the game gets its full release on 12th Oct. You can play the game starting from 8th October, if you buy any version except the standard one.

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