The Ascent Megarachnoid Boss Guide How To Defeat Easily

the ascent

The ascent is an action role-playing game developed by Neon Giant graphics is based on the cyberpunk-themed 2.5D environment. One of the bosses that you will have trouble defeating solo is the Megarachnoid. If you are having trouble defeating the boss, you need to do some side quest to increase your level and upgrade your skills. Also, try to upgrade your rifle and get the best augmentation before facing this boss. Below you will find a guide and simple tips to defeat the Megarachnoid easily.

Note: The most important thing you need to do is hack the Megarachnoid pods that contain spiderlings to stop them from hatching.

The Ascent Megarachnoid Boss Guide

The Megarachnoid is a robot spider that will appear in the deepstink area. Before you could reach the Megarachnoid you need to fight through various enemies that might lower your health. Before fighting the Megarachnoid there will be a vending machine that you can break or hack to refill your health.

Once the fight starts you need to shoot the Megarachnoid on the head to deal maximum damage. While doing so you need to dodge from its rockets, guns, flamethrower, and spiderlings. The spiderlings will deal maximum damage by self-detonating. You need to evade those detonations or kill the spiderlings before they could detonate.

To divert the Megarachnoid and its spiderlings you could deploy a mech and could easily deal heavy damage. You can try using the E77 Superior assault energy rifle to deal more damage, but we could defeat it with a normal rifle. If you are having trouble defeating the Megarachnoid you can watch the above video for reference.

Note: Once you defeat the Megarachnoid go to the top side and you will find a door to your left. There you will find two loot boxes in one of which you will find spiderlings augementation.

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