Orcs Must Die 3 Master Courtyard Walkthrough Guide To Block Orcs

Orcs must die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 is an action tower defense game developed by Robot Entertainment. Defend the rift against orcs that might come through various sides. At some stages, you need to look out all the sides that might be difficult if you are playing solo. Placing traps on all three sides is also difficult as you might not have enough resources to do it. Below is the one of the way to easily complete the stage Masters Courtyard.

Orcs Must Die 3 Master Courtyard Guide

Masters courtyard is the 13th stage of the first main campaign that you need to clear to advance. There is a total of 8 waves that you need to clear and 3 doors from where the orcs will be spawned.

The first 1-2 rounds can be difficult as orcs will be coming from both sides of stairs and you might not have that much resource to place traps both the side. The easiest way to complete this stage is by upgrading your barricade that increases health and decreases the cost.

This way you can prevent the orcs from coming from both the side just by block one side with the barricade. Now in the first round you the orcs will be only coming from one side that you can easily defend.

In the next wave, you need to check from which doors the orcs are coming. If they are coming from the left side, you need to block the right side of the middle door. And place most of the traps near the rift and its pillars.

In the last few rounds, you can use deep freeze and archers nears the rift to block enemies. Place at least 15-20 archers in front of the rift and most of the orcs will be attacking archers. Also, place some deep freeze just before the rift to prevent any orc crossing by crossing the archers.

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