The Ascent How To Unlock Ice 1 & Ice 2 Boxes And Doors

the ascent

The ascent is an action role-playing game developed by Neon Giant graphics is based on the cyberpunk-themed 2.5D environment. The game features various body augmentation and customization by collecting loots or visiting a shop. Some of the best loots can be found in the loot boxes that have been locked by using ICE technology.

At the beginning of the game while exploring the cyberpunk theme world you will encounter various loot boxes or defense walls that can’t be accessed. It gives a notification that Ice 1 or Ice 2 is required. By pressing “C” on the keyboard or “Y” in the controller you can use the cyberdeck to hack your surroundings such as slot machines, loot boxes, or walls.

The Ascent How Unlock Ice 1 & Ice 2 Doors?

Ice is also known as Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics are often stands between a cyber jockey and his target. These are like firewalls that come in all shapes and forms. Some will instantly neurfy your brain while others might report your location to the nearest Corpsec. Hackers employ icebreakers to cut through these defenses while remaining unnoticed.

Ice 1 & Ice 2 doors or loot boxes can be unlocked by upgrading your Cyberdeck to level 4 called the Ice Pick. Once you have collected all 4 cyberdeck upgrades, your cyberdeck will be automatically upgraded to an Ice pick. You can check the name of your cyberdeck by going into the character customization menu.

In this game to upgrade your cyberdeck, you don’t have to visit a shop or spend any in-game resources. Rather you need to explore the area to find cyberdeck upgrade resources. There is a total of 10 cyberdeck upgrades available in this game and you need to find all these 9 upgrades to completely upgrade your cyberdeck.

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