The Ascent Anabolic Express How To Reach Node Complete Quest

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The ascent is an action role-playing game developed by Neon Giant graphics is based on the cyberpunk-themed 2.5D environment. The Anabolic Express is one of the first side quests that you will receive in this game, but if you try to complete it at the beginning you might face difficulties. Below you find a walkthrough to complete the quest

The Ascent Anabolic Express Walkthrough

To start this quest you need to accept it by going to the gym in cluster 13. There you will also find a skill point upgrade. The quest is to retrieve a package from a guy named Merle whose shop will be located in the node. Although you might get this quest at the beginning of the game, it will be hard to complete without unlocking the area node.

You need to keep on playing the primary story quest till you reach level 10, after that it won’t be that difficult to complete. To complete the quest head over to the Arcology highstreet area by taking the elevator. At the beginning of the game if you wander off to a different area you might face a lot of high-level enemies that can shot you down in 1 hit.

From there keep following the map and you will reach an area called The Glut where you need to fight off some enemies. Keep going forward following the map and you have to again take an elevator up to reach the node. If you have lost the way to the node or need assistance to reach Merle, press “O” on the keyboard or press the D-pad up on your controller.

Once you are in the node head over to the area marked on the map and talk with the NPC Merle. Then head over to the gym in cluster 13 to talk to the guy who gave the quest. You can run back to cluster 13 by killing all the enemies on the way and earning exp or take a taxi to save time. Hand over the stimulants to the guy in the gym and the quest will be completed. Upon the quest completion, you will be rewarded with 4,400 XP and 8,000 UCRED.

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