The Ascent All Cyberdeck Upgrade Location Guide To Obtain Them

the ascent

The ascent is an action role-playing game developed by Neon Giant graphics is based on the cyberpunk-themed 2.5D environment. In this game cyberdeck upgraded by spending any resources, skill points,s or by visiting any shop. You need to explore the planet Veles and search for the cyberdeck upgrade material. There is a total of 10 materials scattered over the planet and once you collect one of them it will automatically upgrade your cyberdeck.

By upgrading your cyberdeck you unlock various new pathways and can unlock the loot boxes that are protected by ICE. You can also hack any vending machine by using your cyberdeck to get free resources instead of spending your UCRED. If your cyberdeck level isn’t high enough during hacking you will get a notification as access is denied.

The list of 9 cyberdeck upgrades are:

  • TA Lifestyle
  • City Kicker
  • Peacemaker CD
  • Icepick
  • Plug
  • Visitor
  • Manta D
  • Diva
  • The Arcade
  • Ghost of Veles

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The Ascent All Cyberdeck Location

The first upgrade TA Lifestyle will already be unlocked in your cyberdeck and you need more 9 cyberdeck upgrades to max out your cyberdeck.

1st Cyberdeck Upgrade

The Ascent Cyberdeck upgrade location

The first cyberdeck can be found on Cluster 13, just beside the armor shop, you will find a staircase to a balcony. On the balcony, you will find the upgrade.

2nd Cyberdeck Upgrade

The Ascent Cyberdeck upgrade location

The second cyberdeck can be found on the no man’s land. Go to the location marked in the above image and on the roof of the shop you will find the cyberdeck. The path to the roof will be through a staircase beside the shop.

3rd Cyberdeck Upgrade

The Ascent Cyberdeck upgrade location

The third cyberdeck can be obtained by playing the main questline. When you reach the Black Lake Towers keep progressing and to finally complete the quest you need to visit the Coder’s Cove. There in one of the room, your will find the cyberdeck upgrade.

4th Cyberdeck Upgrade

The fourth cyberdeck upgrade will be in the Glut area. Visit the Glut area shown in the above image by passing through the big green door. There you will find the cyberdeck laying on a desk.

5th Cyberdeck Upgrade

The fifth cyberdeck will be on the cosmodrome area. Visit the cosmodrome through the metro and head over to the door marked as C6 from the metro. Then visit the location marked in the above image and open the loot box there to find the cyberdeck upgrade. To get this upgrade you need to collect at least 4 cyberdeck upgrade to open doors blocked by ICE.

Note: We will soon upload more locations of the cyberdeck upgrade once we progress further in The Ascent.

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