Omno Fluamao Cliff All Light Orb Location & How To Get Them


Omno is a single-player adventure puzzle game developed by Jonas Manke, Inkyfox. Fluamao Cliff is the final area in Omno. To complete this area you need to find 5 light orbs and 3 text cubes. Below you will find the location of these 5 light orbs and how to collect them.

Omno Fluamao Cliff Light Orb Locations

1st Light Orb

Omno Light orbs

Collect enough energy to activate the pillar and obtain the third light orb. You can collect energy from all the creatures in that area.

2nd Light Orb

Omno Light orbs

Towards the northwest part of the map, you will find a ring portal that will toss towards a light orb. There you will find various platforms to reach the light orb but a pillar with a light ray will be defending it. If the light ray touches you will have to restart from the last checkpoint. The trick to easily get the orb without the ray touching you is by directly floating towards the light orb when you jump from the ring portal.

3rd Light Orb

In the middle part of the area, you will find a tall pillar and beside the pillar, there will be the light orb. To reach the light orb you need to fly up to the pillar by floating. Beside the pillar, you can find the switch to open a door. Once the door opens you use the wind to fly upwards and reach the pillar to collect the light orb.

4th Light Orb

On the east side of the area, you will find a light orb on a floating pillar. To reach the pillar you need to jump, float, and dash through various platforms. First, you need to climb the pillar, from there jump and dash to the platform that throws wind upwards. From there jump and dash to the floating platform in front of you. Keep climb up and you will find a Lumotaris that will help you float and reach the pillar where you will find the light orb.

5th Light Orb

On the west side of the map, you will find the light orb on a platform above you. To reach the platform is a little tricky, you need to fly through various rings to activate a teleport waypoint that will help you reach the light orb. To fly through the ring you need to wait for the Sagryphy and float with them to gain speed. Once you have flown through all the rings the teleport point will be activated and you can get the light orb.

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