Orcs Must Die 3- How To Farm Skulls And Generate More Of Them

Orcs must die 3In Orcs Must Die 3 Skulls are required to unlock and upgrade weapons and traps. The Skulls awarded per level or stages are 5 at maximum if you had Perfect Victory. However, the skulls are not limited and you can additionally farm 3 skulls as a Bonus each time by following the simple method.

How To Farm Skulls And Generate More Of Them In Orcs Must Die 3

Once you complete the stage and the skulls and points are awarded at the end, you might see the Stats where every minute detail is mentioned. There you might see Skull Rating and Bonus Skulls. The Skull Rating is awarded depending on how efficiently you have defeated the stage without damaging the Rifts and completing before the timer runs out.

However, the Bonus Skulls are counted depending on the following ways:

  • Skulls Picked Up
  • New High Score
  • New Highest Kill Streak
  • New Highest Combo
  • Perfect Victory
  • Untouchable
  • New Best Time
  • Lifetime Minion Kills

Among these, you will be always awarded Untouchable and Perfect Victory if you are eliminating enemies from far away without getting any hit and generating a 5 Skull Rating. For that Stone Staff or Crossbow is recommended. Once you complete the stage at Medium difficulty, repeat and rinse to farm the skulls unlimited time.

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