Omno Lake Ober All Light Orbs Location & How To Collect Them


Omno is a single-player adventure puzzle game developed by Jonas Manke, Inkyfox. Jonas Manke who was the sole developer of this beautiful adventurous puzzle game worked for more than 5 years on this project. You will explore various magical lands filled with astonishing scenaries while solving puzzles and collecting light orbs. One such area will be Lake Ober and below you will find the location of all the light orbs and how to collect them.

Omno Lake Ober All Light Orbs Location

There is a total of 5 light orbs that you need to collect in this area and three text cubes to complete the area 100%. Below you will find the location of 5 light orbs and how to collect them. The orbs location mentioned below is pre-determined. I marked the location according to the order I gathered the orbs.

1st Orb Location

Omno Lake Ober Orb Location

When you reach the opposite side of the Lake Ober area you will find a diamond sign glowing on the pillar and besides that, there will be an orb. I will show you how to get that orb at the end. Keep going towards the left side of that orb and you will find a statue with another orb in front of it. Go near the orb to collect it and you will unlock a creature called Fremobulis.

2nd Orb Location

Omno Lake Ober Orb Location

To get the second orb, go to the west side of the map and you will find three pillars that can be interacted to change symbols. You have to change their order to form a particular code that will raise the platform for you to reach the orb. Check out the above image for the code to activate the pillars.

3rd Orb Location

Omno Lake Ober Orb Location

The third orb is above the pillar that you can obtain by using your energy. You need to collect enough energy to activate the pillar. Interact with the creatures in that area to collect energy.

4th Orb Location

The fourth orb location can be found on the southwest side of the area. Where you will find a lot of jellyfish floating. You need to climb up those Medujalls to reach the fourth orb.

5th Orb Location

To get the final orb you need to shine the light on the diamond shape pillar. To shine the light on it go back to the starting point where you started the area, Lake Ober. There you will find a ring-shaped door through which you need to pass. As you keep on passing through these rings the light will keep on shinning. Upon reaching the final light, the light will shine on the diamond pillar revealing the path to the final orb.

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