Omno Yeccaph Messa Final Puzzle Solution Walkthrough Guide


Omno is a single-player adventure puzzle game developed by Jonas Manke, Inkyfox. Yeccaph Messa is the greenery world where you will find various different flora and fauna. To proceed to the next area you need to rearrange three pillars three times to shine the light. Below you will find the location to find the three arrangements.

Omno Yeccaph Messa Final Puzzle Walkthrough

To leave the area you need to collect all three orbs. To complete 100% you need to find all orbs and text cubes. Once you find the orbs, head over to the three pillars shown in the above image.

You need to arrange the pillars three times to fill up the light that will guide you to the next area. Each time you arrange the pillars in the correct order, one bar of light will be filled up in the pillar above you.

1st Pillar Arrangement

To find the first arrangement you need to teleport to the point on your left. Once you have teleported on your front you can see three symbols vertically on a pillar. Rearrange the three pillars according to this symbol and you will fill up the first bar of light. Once you have done this a new teleport point will be opened on your left.

2nd Pillar Arrangement

Teleport to the second point but instead of going front, you need to go backside. Look back and you will find a platform to dash. There you will wind going upward using which you can jump higher and then quickly dash then float to reach to the next platform. There you will find the second arrangement.

3rd Pillar Arrangement

After you complete the second puzzle the third teleport point will open. Teleport to the third point and keep going forward, from there you need to float your way to the floating land to find the third arrangement.

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