Omno All Achievement List How To Unlock All Walkthrough


Omno is a single-player adventure puzzle game developed by Jonas Manke, Inkyfox. There is a total of 21 achievements players can unlock by completing the game and performing various tasks. Below is the list of all achievements and how to complete them.

Omno All Achievement List

  • Amphibic – Walk through the water for 20 seconds at the starting of the game.
  • The Disciple – Ride the third legendary Animal.
  • Plains Master – Complete the area Malaha Plain.
  • The Apprentice – Ride the second legendary Animal.
  • Plateau Master – Complete the area Agneya Plateau.
  • Aggression Management – Stomp a Lapicrab by going near them and pressing the interacting button 5 times.
  • Pit Master – Complete the area Auqui Pit.
  • The Initiate – Ride the first legendary Animal.
  • The Ascendant – Finish the omno game with all areas completed.
  • Cliff Master – Complete the area Fluamao Cliffs.
  • The Exalted – Ride the fifth legendary Animal.
  • Heights Master – Complete the area Pulyang Heights.
  • Mesa Master – Complete the area Yeccaph Mesa.
  • Desert Master – Complete the area Unkh-Turr Desert.
  • The Adept – Ride the fourth legendary Animal.
  • Canyon Master – Complete the area Cavulta Canyon.
  • Lake Master – Complete the area, Lake Ober.
  • Vallery Master – Complete the area, Valley Master.
  • Likeminded – Surf with Scipuins for 30 seconds, you can do this in the frozen area Sagya Valley or Lake Ober.
  • Herder – Gather three Caloob around you by interacting with all three of them.
  • Ground is Lava – Keep Astendion in the air for 10 seconds. You can make them airborne by dashing through them in the final area. Once they descend to the ground again dash through them to unlock the achievement.

To complete an area you need to collect all the orbs and text cubes in that area. You can check the completion percent by opening the map. To show all the orbs’ locations, you need to find a resting area where you can sit and look all around the area. After that, all the orbs locations will be visible on your map.

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