Grandchase- How To Obtain Gears 100% Working Tips And Tricks

GrandchaseAt Grandchase, you will obtain high-tier gears randomly which will improve your character stats. These drops are randomly dropped between levels if you are hunting dungeon and clearing areas. We all are set to collect new items and gears that increase stats as well as attract visually. This guide is specially compiled in order to use the tip or process that guarantees 100% gear drop rate after completing a single game.

How To Obtain Gears 100% Working Tips And Tricks At Grandchase

For that you will need to follow few of these mentioned steps and have to join sessions with your friends or random players.

  • Simply join or create a PvP lobby.
  • After the players have joined and all are ready. Start the PvP.
  • Complete the game. (Doesn’t require you to win)
  • Collect the Reward box.
  • Open the Reward Box which will always contain a gear of your class.

The drops are random but it assures that each time you open the Reward box, you will obtain a piece of random gear of the same class. You can repeat this process each time to upgrade or find gears as there are no limit and can obtain unlimited amount of gears. The box that drops will be of your current level, so the gears obtained are always useful.

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