The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles- Chapter 1 Walkthrough Puzzle Choices

The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesIn The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the beginning of the Chapter was very most likely thrilling and twisted which was quite a treat for all the puzzle and riddle solvers. The story begins where Ryunosuke Naruhodo (MC) was being framed for the murder charges of his college professor. The tutorial provided was quite helpful and after learning all the game mechanics, all defense lies at your own will. In order to prove yourself innocent, you will have to select the correct Options and provide Evidence with enough backing. To complete the game without any difficulties, we have compiled the “1st Chapter: The Adventure Of The Great Departure” walkthrough.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough For The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

In the beginning, Kazuma instructs and helps you through the process which will help you understand the game mechanics. The correct choices and the events for each trial are provided below:

Trial 1

  • New EvidenceUniversity Collar Pin
  • New EvidencePost-Mortem Report

Option“Answer ‘I do”

  • Present Evidence- Profile “John H. Watson
  • Present Evidence- Evidence (Post-Mortem Report)
  • New Evidence- Photograph of Victim

Option- “Interject”

  • New Evidence- Waiter’s Business Card
  • New Evidence- Photograph Of Victim
  • Cross-Examination- Select Statement 4 and Present Photograph Of Victim
  • New Evidence-Crime Scene Photograph

Option- “Ask it for to be submitted”

  • New Evidence- Medical Report Card
  • Cross-Examination-Select Statement 4 and Present Medical Report Card (After Examination)

Option- “An as-yet-unknown third party”

  • Examine- Waiter’s Business Card (Back)
  • Present- Waiter (Satoru Hosonaga)
  • Present- Waiter’s Business Card

Trial 2

  • Cross-Examination- Select Statement 2 and Present Crime Scene Photograph

Option- “The handbag”

  • New Evidence- Photograph of Handbag
  • Present- Victim’s Arm
  • Present- Crime Scene Photograph
  • Present- Plate emblem

Option- “Was already deceased”

  • Cross-Examination- Select Statement 5 and Present Crime Scene Photograph
  • Pursue- Satoru Hosonaga
  • New Evidence- Carbonated Water Bottle
  • Cross-Examination- Select Statement 4 and Present Carbonated Water Bottle

Trial 3

  • New Evidence- Jezaille’s Report

Option- “Contains Poison”

  • Present- Jezaille’s Report

Option- “Special Characteristics”

  • Present- Medical Report Card

Option- “There’s a clue”

  • Present- Blood Stain
  • New Evidence- Plate Of Steak

Option- “There’s another clue”

  • Present- Beef’s Edge where there are bite marks
  • Present- The Koban Coin
  • Present- Kyurio Korekuta
  • Present- Iyesa Nosa
  • Present- Plate of Steak
  • Present- Satoru Hosonaga

Then, you have successfully completed Chapter 1 and for more guides on The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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