The Ascent All Skills, Best Skills How To Upgrade & Reset Them

the ascent

The ascent is an action role-playing game developed by Neon Giant graphics is based on the cyberpunk-themed 2.5D environment. As it is a role-playing game there is a lot of customization available for your character. As your character level up you need to spend the skills points to make him stronger. Below you will find all the skill lists, some of the skills that you should level up fast, and how to reset them at any point of the game.

The Ascent All Skills List

There is a total of 8 skills available for your character to level up and each skill can go up to 20 levels. The list of skills available are:

Tactical Sense – Increases the tactical charge gained while damaging enemies. When your tactical charge is maxed you will be able to use your grenade.

Critical Hit Rate – Increase the critical damage that is dealt on enemies

Weapon Handling – Increase gun reload and weapon swap speed.

Aiming – Decrease the recoil and spread of bullets when firing a gun.

Balance – Increases resistance to stun, knockback, staggers, and the movement penalty when using heavy weapons.

Evasion – Decrease the evasion cooldown (The rollback the character uses while jumping).

Vital Signs – Increase max health capacity.

Body Battery – Increase max energy capacity.

The Ascent Best Skill

While all the skills are important for your character to progress in-game few skills you need to upgrade at the starting of the game to easily overpower the enemies.

The first skill that you need to level up is the Vital Signs that will increase the max health capacity so that your player can take more damage without dying. You will require health as you keep progressing the game.

The second skill that you need to look out for is the Critical Hit Rate. After upgrading your gun and leveling up the critical hit rate, you can easily take down big enemies. If you planning to use heavy guns make sure to also level up the balance skill.

Note: The best skill has been determined just by playing the game and is completely from my own viewpoint. It may vary from player to player with their playstyle. If you have any other tips do share them with us in the comments.

The Ascent How To Upgrade & Reset Skill

To upgrade your skills you need skill points. There are two ways to obtain these skills points, the first one is by leveling up your character. With each level up you get 3 skill points that you can use to upgrade your skill.

The second way is by exploring the maps and look out for some purple shining collectibles. Some of these collectible might be skill points that can be used to upgrade your skill.

To reset all the skill points in this game you need to visit a Grafter. In cluster 13 you need to look out for a DNA sign on the map and visit the location. There you can reset all your skill points but the cost to reset is quite high. The more skills you acquire the cost to reset the skill will be higher. To reset the skills you will require UCRED an in-game currency that you can acquire from the boxes or by selling items to vendors.

The Ascent PC System Requirements

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