Orcs Must Die 3- Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation

Orcs must die 3Orcs Must Die 3 has a total of 14 weapons that can be used to deal damage to the Orcs during Waves. Generally, we are more Trap oriented and interested in creating an absolute dungeon of madness. However, the weapons cannot be neglected as one must always have the means to eliminate enemies and accumulate combos. Few are trash and useless whereas some are very useful and can withstand almost more than half of the Orcs assault.

Note: This Tier list is made by experimenting with the weapons in a similar scenario where the Orcs are routed in a single path for few waves.

Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation For Orcs Must Die 3

C Tier

  • Chain Lightning Staff: Long Ranged, Lightning attack with secondary, 3 Stage, charged, chain lightning attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Secondary attack chains”, and “Secondary attack stuns enemies that are hit”.

The Secondary attack can be pressed long to charge and unleash the chain of lightning. Still, the most widespread use of this weapon can be considered is for stunning. However, the damage output, as well as the attack speed, is quite inferior to others Staffs. Doing a combo with other elementals might be tricky as the mana consumption is high and just for the sake of the elemental combo makes this weapon is a waste of slots.

  • Flame Bracer: Long Ranged, Fire Attack with secondary short-ranged firewall ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Primary damage”, and “Increase secondary length and duration”.

Both the primary and secondary attack consumes mana. This weapon cannot be considered as your secondary weapon. You can create a long vertical firewall to damage Orcs that walks on them and apart from it is useless. Equipping this weapon alone will bring chaos upon yourself instead of cowering the enemies.

  • Wind Belt: Short Ranged, Crowd Control that pushes enemies. Secondary can be used to pick up the Light And Heavey enemies. 2 unique upgrades are “Increases Knockback Force”, and “Enemies Thrown by Secondary Attack Explodes”.

Its primary attack can be useful to push the enemies into the pit when they are all stacked together. Apart from that, it is not even useful unless you want some styling on the Orcs.

B Tier

  • Arcane Staff: Long Ranged, Arcane Attack with secondary Attack that drops arcane projectiles in an area around the player. They have 2 unique upgrades i.e. “Increased Secondary Radius”, and “Reduce Mana Costs”.

Comparing the maxed Increased Secondary Radius and Reduce Mana Costs, it is widely recommended to choose the Reduce Mana Costs upgrade if you are using this weapon. You cannot combo this efficiently even if you count the projectile attack and the random explosion area which is quite small, so for the AOE effect, it is worth choosing this weapon to spam arcane shower although it is random.

  • Broadsword: Melee Weapon with Secondary Lightning Attack that damages targets, in a line in front of the player. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary Attack that heals per hit”, and “Adds Additional Bolt to Secondary”.

Primary attacks that heal per hit are actually good but in this case, where you can’t disarm or immobilize enemies by knocking them down will make your life steal pretty much less useful as you have to kite the enemies. Killing enemies that are currently affected by the secondary attack will deal small AOE damage but still compared to Bladestaff it is low tier.

  • Elven Shortswords: Fast Melee weapon with secondary, 3 stages, a charged attack that shoots a magical, ranged attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Primary attack speed”, and “Secondary attack bleeds enemies per hit”.

It might be alluring at first as the attack speed of the weapon is very attractive. The damage and reach of the weapon are low and while charging against the mobs of Orc with this weapon might not be the best idea for now. Even the charged attack is not useful and is considered to be a waste of mana.

  • Scepter Of Domination: Long Ranged, 3 Stage, Charged, Arcane attack with Secondary Charm Ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Secondary Charm Duration”, and “Increase Fully Charged Primary Explosion Radius”.

This weapon can be considered as the best among the other 2 Arcane staff. The attack speed is good and it debuffs enemies. Charm abilities is quite powerful if used on larger enemies to block and turn them against their race. Even the fully charged primary explosion is pretty useful but the drawback which places him hanging at the “B-A” Tier is that the traps placed by you can also take damage if the Orcs are hit by the explosion and the traps are in the range of it in Orcs Must Die 3.

A Tier

  • Bladestaff: Melee weapon with a secondary attack that knocks back multiple targets. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary Attack Heals on Hit”, and “Secondary Attack Launches Higher”.

If you are choosing a Melee weapon and the weapon that can let you heal per hit is usually labeled as a high-tier weapon. The secondary attack can be spammed continuously to deal great AOE damage that lifts the small Orcs. By far the best melee weapon you can use in our opinion and can be considered A Tier.

  • Crossbow: Long Ranged Attack with Secondary Stun ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Headshot kills Trigger Explosion damage”, and “Enemies stunned by secondary take increased damage”.

It is a single target weapon whose headshot percentage and attack speed is top-notch. Usually, players prefer the 1st upgrade as we all will be hitting headshots and exploding the enemies, whereas in a few situations you can use the 2nd upgrade to stun larger enemies and dish out max damage. Instead of Physical damage, it cannot be used for anything else. So it fits well in this Tier easily.

  • Dwarven Hammer: Melee weapon with a secondary whirlwind attack that knocks back and damages multiple targets. 2 unique upgrades are “Damage reduction while spinning”, and “Increase movement speed while spinning”.

The weapon is quite powerful and the blow hits like a truck and to top it off, the whirlwind attacks increase the combo madly. The damage and secondary are quite good but nonetheless, the only thing this weapon lacks is nice unique upgrades.

  • Ice Amulet: Long Ranged, Multi-shot ice attack with a secondary, Short ranged freeze ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Freeze duration”, and “Secondary creates an aura that deals damage per sec”.

It is best used as a secondary weapon as it cannot single-handedly clear the complete wave. However, the freezing ability is top tier. Buying time by freezing or even DPS during melee combat against the Orcs is quite a useful ability without any denial.

S Tier

  • Blunderbuss: Short Ranged, Four Shot Burst With Medium Ranged Secondary Grenade Attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Secondary that Freezes Enemy”, and “Secondary Damage and Explosions Increased”.

Shotgun’s secondary attack that freezes the enemy is quite good considering that it is a semi ranged weapon. Once you gather enemies in a confined space and route them, the secondary attack can devastate the Orcs very easily. Freeze Dmg + Physical Dmg in a single weapon is a blessing. It can be considered as A-S Tier easily.

  • Magic Longbow: Long Ranged, Shot Penetrates through to more enemies with secondary, 3 Stage, charged multi-shot. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary attack bleeds enemies per hit”, and “Secondary Fires Burst in a straight line”.

Landing headshot with this bow is pretty accurate and while hitting enemies with your primary attack, you can inflict the bleeding debuff. This is strong when you alter the target as the hits don’t stack the bleeding damage. However, selecting the 2nd unique upgrade will grant your secondary attack to travel in a straight line. It is simply useful to deal damage when the enemies are in single file. The main reason it is in this Tier and not in “A” is due to the attack rate and accuracy combined with ice freezing is brutal.

  • Stone Staff: Long Ranged, Attack that penetrates enemies with secondary Stoning ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increases Secondary Attack Range”, and “Secondary Launches after Brief Delay”.

The Secondary attack is just too overpowered. The Stone Staff alone can be used to clear wave but accompanying it with any other weapon can suit your taste. Even larger enemies can be turned into stone and equipping the 2nd unique ability launches them in the air that provides you much better time and angle to switch weapons and start increasing the combo and points. Undeniably one of the best weapons which you need to unlock for a much better fun experience.

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