Omno Lake Ober Final Puzzle Guide Walkthrough To Leave The Area


Omno is a single-player adventure puzzle game developed by Jonas Manke, Inkyfox. The game features a lush vibrant world full of magical creatures whom you will meet along the way. The music of the game is also quite soothing while you explore the magical lands. In this magical land, you need to find collectible orbs while solving various puzzles. Below you will find a guide to one such puzzle in Lake Ober that you need to complete in order to leave the area.

Omno Lake Ober Final Puzzle Guide

In every part of the map towards the end, you have to solve a puzzle to leave the area. One such puzzle is from Lake Ober that might be too confusing to solve. The puzzle might not be that hard but understand how to solve it might take some time. Even I had to scratch my head quite a lot of times before fully understanding the puzzle.

In the puzzle, you will find four pillars at each corner and in the middle a stone with 9 dots each representing one of the switches. At first, you need to stand on one of the switches and see the lights in the 9 dots changing. The top part of the middle stone will shine its light on one of the pillars each time one switch is activated.

The pillar on which the light is shining will start to sign and show a symbol. Now that pillar will be the front side and you need to check the middle stone which one of the 9 dots is shinning. Taking the pillar that is shinning as your front side you need to jump on one of the switches. Every time you activate one of the switches you need to check the 9 dots and the pillar that is shinning.

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