Tribes Of Midgard How To Climb Up Cliff, Jump Down Cliff & Cross River

tribes of midgard

Tribes Of Midgard is a role-playing action survival game developed by Norsfell Games Inc. While playing the game for the first time you must having a lot of trouble as most of your paths are blocked by cliffs or rivers. To find the pathing to go up the hill you need to find a bridge-like icon on the map. Even with that bridge, you won’t be able to go up all the cliffs.

Fortunately, the game lets us collect resources and build ramps in order to go up the cliff or cross a river. To craft a ramp you need to visit your village and talk to Eyrun The Tinker and open the second menu called construction. From there you can craft up different types of ramps that will help you reach places quickly and easily.

Tribes Of Midgard How To Place Ramps

To place ramps you need to open the building menu, if you are playing on PC you can press the C button. You can check the hammer icon at the bottom left corner of the page and open it. Once you are in the building menu it will show you all the ramps that you have crafted from Eyrun The Tinker.

To go up the cliff craft a sloping ramp and place it to the ground to go up. Once you reach the height of the cliff use the ground ramp to make your way towards the cliff. You can also place these ground ramps on rivers and cross them where there are no stones.

Tribes Of Midgard How To Jump Down Cliff

Most of the time you need to quickly come down the cliff maybe to collect certain resources or quickly go back to your village. To jump down the cliff, you need to go near the edge of the cliff and press the roll forward button.

If you are standing too close to the edge, your character may not perform a roll, you need to go back a little bit and then roll so that you will fall down the cliff. Make sure not to jump down on any water bodies or you will die.

Tribes Of Midgard Collect Souls Fast

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