Tribes Of Midgard How To Collect Souls Fast & Why You Need It?

tribes of midgard

Tribes Of Midgard is a role-playing action survival game developed by Norsfell Games Inc. The game currently features a two-mode saga and a survival mode where understand the much better with each run. With multiple run your progress increases as you keep unlocking more items.

The soul is one of the main resources to upgrade your village and other buildings around it. The easiest way to collect souls is just by harvesting various resources and killing enemies.

Tribes Of Midgard Fastest Way To Collect Soul

There are two ways to collect souls faster, the first one is by finding various camps and collecting treasure from them. There are different sizes of camps featuring different levels of enemies. The bigger the camp, the greater the reward. Before entering the camp do checkout the minimum power required to clear out the camp at the top right side of the game screen.

The second way is by defeating a jotunn when they appear in Midgard to destroy the tree. The main focus of the Jotunn will always be on your village, so you can easily hit them 3-4 times and try to dodge when the jotunn starts to attack you. After attacking you once, they will again start walking towards your village. Make sure to not let the jotunn enter your village and attack the tree else the game will be over for you.

You need to protect the tree in your village called “Seed of Yggdrasil”. Each night Helthings will attack your village and try to destroy the seed. Your job is to protect the seed and not letting it fall back the soul in them to 0. You can collect souls by various methods shown above and give them to the tree to increase the soul.

To protect your village from the Helthings make sure to upgrade your villagers using the Souls. By upgrading your villagers you can craft new better items and improve their fighting abilities.

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