New World SaltPeter How To Craft Gun Power & Make Ammunition

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New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. While the game features various different types of weapons. For some weapons like guns, you would need to craft their ammunition to use them. Ammunition can also be found from the supply crates but the chances of finding them are rare. The best way to get ammo is by crafting them. Below you will find a complete guide on how to craft guns, ammunition and use them.

New World Saltpeter Location

Saltpeter is one of the rare resources early game that you will require to craft Gunpowder. At the beginning of the game, you might have a musket but limited ammo, and once you have used all the ammunition what to do?

The main resource required to craft ammo is quite hard to find at the early stages of the game. The easiest and closest location to find saltpeter is by going into the Ehonrock quarry. Check out the image above for the exact location. The recommended level to visit the quarry is level 17, but you can visit the quarry even if you are level 9-10. Just go inside the quarry by dodging the corrupt enemies and quickly collect all the resources and then recall back to the inn.

New World How To Craft Gun Powder

Gunpowder is one of the most important ingredients to make Ammunition. To craft gunpowder you need to visit a workshop in your settlement and the resources required are:

  • 5x Charcoal
  • 2x Flint
  • 1x Saltpeter

Charcoal can be easily made out of flint in the smelter. Flint can be easily obtained from the rocks from the ground.

Note: In your settlement go to the workshop, you can open the map and look out for the gun symbol. You can use the resources mentioned above to craft gun powder, you can also craft new guns from there.

New World How To Craft Gun Ammo

To craft gun ammo in this game you will need:

  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 1x Linen
  • 1x Gunpowder

Iron Ingot can be obtained from the smelter. To obtain linen, you need to first find a  hemp plant and obtain fiber from them. Take these fibers to any loom and use them to obtain linen. If you are having trouble finding hemp plants, check out our previous guide on where to find hemp plants at the starting of the game easily.

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