New World petal cap & rivercress stem location weakness of the ego guide

New World Beta

New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. While playing the game you will come across a quest called Weakness Of The Ego. In this quest, you need to find 3 types of resources and craft a corruption tincture at the arcane repository.

The resources required to complete this quest are:

  • 3x Water
  • 3x Petal Caps
  • 3x Rivercress Stem

While water is the most common resource among them you can obtain them by using a well in your settlement. Else you can visit any water body by locating it from the map and once you are inside the river you will get an option to get fresh water.

New World Petal Cap

Petal caps can be obtained by harvesting the fronded petal caps. These plants are not easy to locate. You need to visit the location marked above to find these plants. Petalcap is not only used for this quest but you can craft various potions and reagents using this resource.

If you are having trouble locating the plant, check out the image below for the exact image of the plant. Once you reach the forest area shown in the image above, look out for any shiny plant or firefly type of light coming out of the plant.

Note: The plant can be found throughout the forest area and if you go south from the location marked above near the river also you will find some of these plants.

New World Rivercress Stem

To obtain Rivercress stem you need to have harvest level 30. Rivercress stem is the final resource that you need to obtain 3x to complete the quest Weakness of the ego. Open your map and visit any river bank to find this resource. If you are not sure what does the Rivercress Stem looks like check out the image above.

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