New World Hemp Where To Find, Collect Fiber & Craft Linen

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New World is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. There are a plethora of resources players can collect and craft in the game. Because of this finding, some small common resources can also be hard to locate.

One such common resource called fiber is required to complete one of the quests where you need to craft a set of the impenetrable crude iron set. Fiber can be obtained from the plant called Hemp.

New World Hemp

There are not many hemp plants you will find at the beginning of the game as other players are also able to gather them it will vanish. The easiest way to find the hemp plants location in by opening your map and on the left side menu select the resource location.

There you will find the location of most of the resources you will need in-game. Sometimes when you visit a location you might not find the specific resource because other players might also have harvested them.

Hemp plants usually have tall branches with purple or pink color leaves on the top side. Check out the image above for the exact image of the hemp plant that you need to find in the forest of New World.

Even after finding for a long time and trying all the above methods, you aren’t able to find the hemp plant check out the image below for the location where you will definitely find few plants. Go to the house marked on the image below in the Crone’s Rest and check around the house to find the hemp plant.

You need to have a sickle to harvest the hemp plants and obtain fiber from them. You can craft a sickle from the crafting menu of the campfire. Once you have gathered enough fiber head over to the forge to craft the impenetrable crude iron set and complete the quest. After gathering fiber use the Loom to craft linen out of them.

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