Biomutant Hoof Puff Worldeater Place How To Reach & Defeat Him Easily


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. Hoof Puff is the northeastern worldeater whom you need to defeat after completing all Noko quests. To reach the Hoof Puff place you will need a special type of mount called Mjut. Check out our previous guide on how to reach Noko, complete all quests, get the MechaMjut & Mjut Mount.

Once you reach the Hoof puff place, it will be blocked by the rock wall. If you are using any other mount, you won’t be able to break the rock wall or enter the place. You can change your mount by opening the map menu and choose the transport option.

Biomutant How To Defeat Hoof Puff Easily

While fighting hoof puff you will be riding the Mjut mount. You need this mount to defeat him by using the hook located at the back. You need to aim for the bubbles near Hoof Puff legs, then shoot them to burst them and deals damage.

Keep doing the trick above and eventually, you will get an option to use hook and drag down Hoof Puff. Once he is down you need to shoot him in his mouth to deal damage else you can also hit his weak point at the legs.

Once Hoof puff gets angry and his HP turns infinite, you need to distract him using butterflies. If you are too far from him the sending butterflies won’t work, you need to be a bit near him. Once he gets distracted you can again hit his weak point and defeat him.

Note: Make sure you have the best long-range weapon before initiating the fight as you will be only using your long-range weapon. Check out our previous guide on where to find an ultimate ranged weapon.

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