Valorant Redeem Duality An Origin Story Player Card Limited Time

Valorant is a first-person shooter multiplayer game developed by Riot Games. Player cards are the pictures that you can see in the lobby or while loading into the game. Player cards can be changed by going into the collection. There are various player cards that you can unlock or obtain by completing player contracts, battle pass or by buying any gun bundle.

Note: Due to the site being unresponsive for most of the users due to high traffic the time limit of 48 hours has been removed so players can claim the free player card anytime they want. More updates from the Valorant team will be conveyed later.

Valorant An Origin Story

The origin story starts with a disaster in Italy being shown as live footage in news, Phoenix and Jett are being shown as the main culprit for it. Kingdom radianite powers up the 3/4 of the world energy may seem to involved as shown in the news as Phoenix picture seems to be captured in the camera.

While KJ alone goes into the battle to defuse the spike, she is looking for backup from her teammates. From a ship comes Phoenix and Viper for the backup. While Viper and KJ struggle to defuse the spike, phoenix goes behind the culprit who looks exactly like Phoenix.

Seeing the culprit for the disaster in Italy who looks the same as him, Phoenix gets confused but gets supports from Viper. In the end, they manage to defuse the spike but are very confused about the look-alike culprits. This story portrays the match between both Attackers and defenders having the same characters in both teams as there might be twin earth and there resides the attackers who want to destroy earth 1 using the spike.

Valorant How To Redeem Duality Player Card

The Origin story has been revealed in VCT Masters Stage 2 – Reykjav√≠k and players will be able to obtain the limited-time player card Duality by visiting the redeem site of valorant. You can go to “” or directly click HERE to visit the link to obtain the limited-time reward.

Once you open the site log in with your Valorant Id and enter the code “YTILAUD“. You can only redeem the reward within 48 hours so hurry up to redeem yours.

Note: If you are getting a “503 Service Unavailable” error cause that might be a lot of people trying to claim the card at the same time and the server can’t handle all the request at once. As the card is limited to only 48 hours so there is a rush. You can try to log in and claim at a different time or during the night.

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