Biomutant- High Voltage Side Quest And What To Do?

BiomutantIn Biomutant there are various NPC’s that will provide you Side Quests and one of the Side Quests requires you to upgrade Klonkfist. To upgrade the Klonkfist you will have to visit Klick which will request you a job named “High Voltage”. The quest might be a little confusing if you have not paid attention to his direction. In this post, we have mentioned what you need to do to complete the side quest and upgrade the Klonkfist to Lvl 2 in order to demolish tougher walls.

High Voltage Side Quest And What To Do In Biomutant

BiomutantAs shown in the image above, Klick mentions that we need to flip the switch of the generator which will produce a small blue orb when you flip the switch. The quest only mentions to “Pull the Lever to activate the Power” and “Charge the Metal with Lightning”.

During the quest, you will get shocked and after that, you will have to follow and stick to the blue orb. The outlines will condense and thus it will charge the Metal. You will need to repeat this process in a total of 3 times. A lightning elemental enemy will spawn to hinder your job. Defeat him and charge the metal in order to complete the task.

Once the task is completed, visit Klick to upgrade your Klonkfist. Now all the paths will be open to you. For more guides on Biomutant, click on the following that has been mentioned below the description:

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