Biomutant- Change Appearance In Mid Playthrough With No To Low Cost

BiomutantAt the beginning of Biomutant, we have customized our character with monocolored or multicolored furs depending on your preferences. However, the mutation was locked limited to the stats you choose. If you are wondering that there is any way to change your appearance then you are correct and for that, you will have to upgrade your stat or have perfect armor that resists the harsh condition of the area.

Change Appearance In Mid Playthrough With No To Low Cost In Biomutant

In almost all of the Bionucleus areas, there are Underground areas. Mutation Spots or mutation pools are located in the deep underground where for the cost of 1 Bioblob, you can customize or mutate your character’s body shape without affecting your stats and class.


There is also a way to change your body color or fur color in the mid-playthrough. As shown in the image above go meet Trim at Spurftop. He will provide you a side quest where you will be redirected towards Juju’s shop to buy the Clipperfingers. However it’s not easy to obtain Clipperfingers like this, you will need to complete the side quest of her in order to obtain the Clipperfingers for Trim.

Once Clipperfingers are obtained, travel back to Trim and then he will be able to change your Fur Pattern. However, to unlock dying, he will ask you another side quest to obtain the Spytdue Can placed at Suburbia. After completing the task, you will be able to dye and change the color of your main body and fur. For more guides on Biomutant, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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