Biomutant- Upgrade Crowbar Lvl 2 With The Help Of Pebble

BiomutantIn Biomutant, tools such as Crowbar and Klonkfist which is used to open new paths are obtained quite early however, few doors or wall cannot be accessed due to current strength of the tools. Klonkfist can be used in Combat however Crowbar strictly serve as a tool only. Currently, the location of Pebble is hidden on the map and only be viewed when the quest will be assigned. This post is strictly compiled everything about upgrading the Crowbar and visiting Pebble.

Upgrade Crowbar Lvl 2 With The Help Of Pebble In Biomutant

The tools can be upgraded to Lvl 2 by completing the favor for specific people and in the case of Crowbar, you will need to meet Pebble. The quest will only be assigned when you come across a door or lock that cannot be opened. The quest to upgrade the Crowbar can be assigned anywhere in any habitat. The problem is you can’t upgrade your Crowbar quick enough even if you are assigned a quest.

After talking to Pebble, he will ask you to Test the 3 climb spots. These climb spots are situated quite far enough and for the sake of upgrading Crowbar, you can’t explore the area alone. It is better to complete other quests side by side and unlock the waypoints to quick travel as they are located near the outposts or villages which has access for quick traveling.

Once you climb all the 3 spots, move back where Pebble was and he will upgrade your Crowbar. He will then assign another side quest to test his ziplines. For more guides on Biomutant, click on theĀ  link that has been mentioned below the description:

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