Biomutant- Porky Puff Easy Way To Defeat The Eastern WorldEater

BiomutantIn Biomutant, there are World Eaters who are compromising and threatening the current world. The Eastern WorldEater needs to be defeated who lurks in Water and for that, you will need the upgraded Googlide. Porky Puff is not an average World Eater, his current HP initially is set to be infinite unless you damage him by the use of your surroundings or attack him on his weak spots. In this post, we have a breakdown of a way to defeat the Eastern World Eater in the simplest way.

Porky Puff Easy Way To Defeat The Water WorldEater In Biomutant


To deal damage against Porky Puff, you will need to hover around dodging the waves and focus your attack on Orange spots as shown in the image above with your ranged weapons. Even mine can be helpful to dish out damage as after hitting him on his weak spots, the mine can add some damage when it blows off.

He has 2 sets of health. For the first health bar, you will be fighting him on water and once the health is depleted, he will jump on the ground where you will fight him normally. Make sure when he is in an invulnerable state, nothing will damage him unless you constantly attack his weak spot. Keep on hitting those spots even if he is vulnerable to deal maximum damage.

At land, he will be stuck on the ground throwing Rocks and shockwave at you. Dodge and attack him from a distance or use closed melee combat all depending on your preferences. For more guides on Biomutant, click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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