Biomutant Hypoxia How To Survive & Get The Oxygen Suit


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. There are different zones in the world that are mutated by the Toxanol Corporation. You will find 5 types of zones which are heat, cold, radioactive, toxins, and hypoxia zone. To visit these zones you need to have maximum resistance or a protective suit. Below you will find all about the hypoxia zone and how to get the oxygen suit.

Biomutant Hypoxia

The Hypoxia zone is the most contaminated zone where there are no oxygen and your character won’t be able to breathe. You will first encounter hypoxia zone when you go to meet Gizmo. You will venture into the deadzone to find the Mekton Wrekbox. Once you collect the first Wrekbox, Gizmo will give access to the Mekton so that you will be able to defeat Jumbo Puff.

Most of the items give you some kind of resistance from the heat, cold, radioactive, and toxins but increasing your hypoxia resistance is hard. And you can only use your Mekton in the deadzone. For the other Hypoxia zone, you need to have the oxygen suit to explore.

Biomutant How To Get Oxygen Suit

To get the oxygen suit, you need to first unlock the “The Oxygen Pingdish” quest. You can unlock this quest by visiting any hypoxia zone except the deadzone. Once you reach a hypoxia zone the quest will be unlocked and you can track them from your journal.

After visiting the Pingdish facility solve the rotation puzzle and locate the message. You need to move the antenna till you the speed of radar sound increases. Once you locate the message head over to the old world bunker called “BangShelter 11I”. There will be a total of 7 superb loot you can collect and one ultimate protective suit that will be the oxygen suit. After getting the oxygen suit you can equip it and explore any hypoxia zone.

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