Biomutant- Cable Puzzle Easiest Way To Solve The Riddle

BiomutantIn Biomutant there are various riddles and puzzles that are quite confusing and time-consuming. Cable Puzzle is kind of that puzzle where it might seem easy at the beginning and actually, it is easy if you experiment or familiar with how to solve it. In this post, we have disclosed how to solve the cable puzzle efficiently and quickly.

Cable Puzzle Easiest Way To Solve The Riddle At Biomutant


These Cable puzzles will be encountered when you are powering up the gate or have to fiddle with a few of the electric boxes. The description to solve is pretty easy when only X’s and Y’s are involved. When the third alphabet is introduced as shown in the image it gets pretty tough. When completing the quest to find the Sludgetrucks, you will come across this puzzle. This was my initial positioning of the puzzle where 3 variables were involved and selecting any of these 2 XX’s, YY’s, or ZZ’s will negate 1 X’s, Y’s, and Z’s.


To solve this type of cable puzzle you will need to rearrange all the cables. As you can see in another image where we tried to rearrange all the cable positions. It means that the position of the cables is not fixed and both ends can be manipulated and changed depending on the need.

In the future, if you know this then all the cable puzzles can be solved by simple calculations. For more posts on Biomutant, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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