Biomutant- Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon And Underground Loot

BiomutantIn Biomutant, each quest is interlinked and you will need to visit places that have been discovered one way or another. Once you talk with Moog, he will give you a side quest “The Schacky Trunkgnut” where you will have to defeat the enemy. He will be found near Suburbia and after defeating him, the required item and a Suburbia Vault Key will be obtained. Once you track the vault, you will enter Suburbia whose area is quite large compared to any other area which we have encountered. So searching for loots might be quite tricky and time-consuming. This post is compiled especially to complete the area in one complete sweep.

Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon And Underground Loots Location At Biomutant

Suburbia is a large area where you will have to trouble around and look inside all the houses. There are multiple houses and the time consumption in this particular area is large. Make sure that you are not using Mount while searching for loots and items as the indicator is not shown while riding.

Area Objective

  • Resource Totem: 4
  • Superb Loot: 4
  • Ultimate Ranged Weapon: 1
  • Old World Gadget: 4
  • Underground Area: 1
  • Old World Bodyshaper: 1


In the image above, two locations have been marked. The red one is where the Underground Area is located where you will need to upgrade your Klonkfist to access. In this same house, you will get access to an Old World Bodyshaper.


The yellow-colored marked location is where Suburbi Vault is located. Inside this Suburbia Vault, you will obtain the Ultimate Ranged Weapon “Sparkatron Hypicskromp” i.e. 6.5 Star as shown in the image with the electrical elemental effect.

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