Biomutant Mjut Location How To Mount Them & Break Rock Walls


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. There are various types of mounts you can obtain in this game such as a Robot called Mekton, a water glider called Googlide, land mounts, and much more. You need to complete certain tasks to obtain these items in-game. Below you will find how to unlock one such land mount called “Mjut”

Biomutant How To Obtain Mjut

Mjut is a mount that you will obtain later in the game by completing one of the main quests of “Noko”. Noko is a friend of Out-Of-Date that you need to help in order to defeat Hoof Puff. You need to talk to Out-Of-Date for the second time in order to obtain this quest. I got this quest by completing conquering all the rivals outpost and then Out-Of-Date sends you to visit Noko.

Once you visit Noko complete all the quests that are:

The Lost Mjut – You need to locate the Mjut whose location is already shown in the world. Mjut can be found in the Mjutmeadow where you need to defeat a strong mutate rat and return back to Noko to complete the quest.

Bon-Bon Gummy – You need to reach Krossway and find your way into the building whose location is marked on the game. Try to find a way from the opposite building and use the rope attached to enter the building where you will find Bon-Bon Gummy that will calm the Mjut.

The MekaMjut – You need to visit the location shown in the game to find the MekaMjut who is a mech mount and obtain a Sit-Tight from its back. After obtaining the Sit-Tight you can ride the MekaMjut once and it will be added to your mount list and you can use it whenever you want.

Mito Knows – The final quest will be talking to Mito and obtaining Glittermoths. After talking to Mito he will tell you the location to find the Glittermoths. To find the Glittermoths you need to climb up a cliff and head into a cave. Once you have captured all 5 Glittermoths head back to Noko and you will obtain the Mjut Mount.

Note: To break cliff rock walls you will need to Mjut mount. Without the Mjut mount, you won’t be able to claim the 8th Wrekbox of Googlide. After breaking one of the cliff rock walls you will also obtain a side mission called “PullOff” where you need to break 7 such walls using the mount.

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